“We truly love and enjoy what we do and believe that this is central to ensuring the best experience for both our customers and ourselves. ”

The Modern Greengrocer is the brain child of Steve Golding and Joe Turner and was started at the beginning of 2016. Both guys have lived and worked in and around the Essex area for the last 20+ years and have a great understanding of the local environment. Although not related, Steve and Joe have developed a great bond across the 15 years they have known each other and genuinely have a family like relationship.


Steve is a second generation Greengrocer with over 40 years experience in the business. He’s owned successful shops in Harlow and Stansted and more recently, since 2011, at his stall in Dunmow next to the infamous Sweetlands Butchers. Across these years, Steve has gained an unrivalled knowledge of the industry and developed a great talent for product buying- a key skill in order to achieve the best products at the most competitive prices for our customers. Steve has supplied goods to both wholesale and retail customers and really does know his onions!

Joe started working as Steve’s Saturday boy in 2009 at his Stansted shop and then moved over with him to help run the Dunmow stall back in 2011. Across these 7 years Joe has developed a good understanding of the industry, working from the bottom up. Having graduated from the University of Nottingham last year Joe decided that he wanted to make his own mark on the business world and began to create the concept that became, The Modern Greengrocer. A keen chef with several years experience working in commercial kitchens, Joe is always creating new dishes and loves helping customers with how to cook their produce and create that perfect dish- so why not ask him what his current speciality is?

Together, the pair form the perfect partnership.